How to Score a Great Price on a Designer Handbag and Other Luxury Items Online


Wearing a high-quality, luxury bag or other designer clothing item can instantly elevate any outfit, and instil an indescribable happiness for the avid shopper like no other. The hefty price tag associated with numerous luxury brands is one that some are willing to brave, while others remain hesitant or put off.

Any person can be a smart shopper irrespective of their budget. If you naturally gravitate toward scoring the best deal possible, luxury shopping need not be any different. Why not search for your favourite high-end items that you have been eyeing up whilst saving some extra moolah on the side? With this mindset, your dream bag may be within closer reach than you may realise.

In the following article I will describe a few of the best tips to score a good deal on designer goods online that you can use to enhance your future savvy-shopping experiences.

Table of Contents

  • Visit luxury consignment websites for pre-owned, verified designer items at a discount
  • Search websites that sell a vast range of discounted luxury brands
  • Install browser extensions for automatic discounts and alerts on sales of your favourite items 
  • Support a smaller brand for luxurious quality minus the hefty price tag
  • Sign up to your favourite sites for exclusive first-hand access to private sales
  • Search seasonal sales in different regions or hemispheres with opposite climates
  • Benefit from cash back reward programmes on luxury brands 
  • Avoid the $10 sales rack

Visit luxury consignment websites for pre-owned, verified designer items at a discount

A luxury online consignment store or resale site allows individuals to buy and resell pre-used luxury goods to consumers, typically at lower prices than new goods.

The Real Real is the largest marketplace for authentic consignment of luxury goods including clothing, watches, fine jewellery, fine art and home decor. The Real Real employs over 100 in-house gemologists, horologists and brand authenticators who inspect thousands of items for their value, authenticity and good condition each day. This helps to ensure peace of mind in that you are snagging a good deal on the real thing. These processes also support a safe and reliable online environment from which consumers can purchase authentic items such as a pre-owned luxury handbag. The Real Real has also been known to stock pre-loved discounted Hermès bag such as the infamous Birkin bag and Kelly bag, whilst Vestiaire Collective (another resale site that serves as an online marketplace for luxury pre-loved goods) often stocks pre-loved Louis Vuitton bags.

The Real Real has also launched sustainability initiatives including partnerships with popular luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Stella McCartney. Their custom sustainability calculator measures the environmental impact that companies incur on processing each consignment.

Sign up to TheRealReal here and receive a $25 credit for your first time purchase.

Search websites that sell a vast range of discounted luxury brands

Simplify your online designer fashion shopping methods by browsing sites that collate a wide variety of your favourite high-end pieces, including designer handbags from luxury brands and more. Websites such as,, and, and many others offer a curated selection of styles from a combination of established brands, such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, as well as emerging designers, such as niche Italian fashion labels at lower outlet prices. 

The initial concept behind many of these companies was to provide items from previous seasons at a discounted pricing structure. However, you will still be in-style after wearing many of the products from such websites, as they offer many timeless pieces with classic styles that tend to retain their popularity and much of their value over the years: for example, the Bottega Veneta Cassette bags, or the envelope bag range from Saint Laurent. These options can serve as a good investment as classic pieces tend to offer high resale value. Plenty of these websites also offer 10% or 15% off of your first purchase as an added bonus.  

For a more in-depth review, check out Top Discounted Luxury Fashion Websites. 

Install browser extensions for automatic coupon codes applied and sales alerts

Gone are the days where you may feel compelled to regularly conduct a manual online search for that stylish bag you have had your eye on, as you patiently wait for it to go on sale. 

Browser extensions such as JoinHoney searches the internet and automatically applies coupon codes at online checkout of over 30,000 websites including Amazon. As a bonus, it is completely free to download to your Google Chrome browser and use. 

Honey makes their money each time a buyer purchases a product via Honey’s extension and thereby earns a commission fee from the retailer with 0.5% to 10% commission from its partner merchants. 

Honey Members can also benefit from Honey’s searches for alternative sellers of items that allows you to compare and track the best deal. With the Droplist function, you are able to add items to lists if you would prefer to wait for a discount. When the item goes on sale, Honey will send you an alert. Way to save time and money! I have personally used Honey for years and I could not recommend it more. 

Click here to download Honey and start saving now. 

Support a smaller boutique brand for luxurious quality minus the hefty price tag

Many popular, household-name luxury giants can afford to attach a premium price to their goods, partly due to the high demand from consumers to carry a specific label, such as being able to carry a Prada bag. Alternatively, search for lesser-known, independent luxury brands that will upgrade your look for less.

As a consumer supporting small businesses, you may be more likely to pay a price that reflects factors that affect the final product, such as the quality, rareness and thus cost of sourcing goods, attention to detail in production by skilled labour or the manufacturing process rather than buying a brand name.

In your search, include keywords that relate to the quality, material and/or region that is renowned for either their craftsmanship of that type of item, the manufacturing or sourcing of the specific material, or hot/cold climate that creates a demand for warmer/cooler goods in that region. For example, search for quality Italian or Spanish leather handbags, or Scottish cashmere coats etc, and you will likely uncover websites of small businesses that sell premium goods within the specified industry or region.

Wearing lesser-known brands with smaller logos brings with it an added touch of exclusivity and hence understated elegance. You may enjoy the added benefit of showcasing greater style through being ahead of the fashion curve with your rare-branded accessories. You will also be able to experience the satisfaction of supporting small businesses that are generally less insulated from the volatile effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out Top 5 Best Designer Bags Under $500 for more inspiration. 

Sign up to your favourite sites for exclusive first-hand access to private sales

Sign up to the websites whose products you have your eye on to get on their email list. This may be the easiest way to be alerted of special discount codes and upcoming sales to put you in the position of beating the crowds during sales seasons. You will also be one of the first to gain access to new collections and other brand insider knowledge. For example, as a subscriber to luxury handbag brand I am alerted of sales ahead of the general public and more hefty discounts compared to those available to customers who have not signed up to their email list.

Search seasonal sales in different regions or hemispheres with opposite climates

Every person knows to search local end-of-season sales such as a Winter sale, only for these items to collect dust in their closet until the commencement of the following Winter.

However, take your saving-savvy skills up a notch by searching seasonal sales online in different countries where international shipping is available – perhaps in the opposite hemisphere that may currently be experiencing colder climates that your region will soon endure. For example, search for warm winter attire on Australian websites whilst you are experiencing warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere and Australians are simultaneously shivering in their boots.

Scoring a discounted warm winter coat during this time means that your wardrobe will be prepared once the weather turns in your country. You will be able to gain immediate utility from your cute, stylish new items as you welcome the seasonal changes.

Benefit from cash back reward programmes on luxury brands

Cash back rewards refers to the process of buyers receiving a percentage of the price of each qualifying purchase back. If you are a frequent online shopper, rewards can accumulate as either store credit or cash back that can be transferred into your nominated back account after a set period of time or once specific milestones are reached. If you are a frequent shopper, cash back reward programs will offer greater value to you as your purchases accumulate. This effect is maximised through luxury shopping, as more expensive, big-ticket items with higher value can result in a greater proportion of cash back compared to low-valued items.

A benefit of using cash back reward programs is that as a consumer, you do not need to wait for an item to be discounted, go on clearance or be devalued in any way in order to reap the benefits.

Through websites such as, you are able to earn a percentage of cash back on brands including but not limited to Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch and Coach. Cash back is also offered on websites that sell discounted items from a wide range of luxury designer brands such as Net-A-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue.

For more information, visit 13 Best Luxury Online Shopping Sites with Highest Cash back in 2022.

Avoid the $10 sales rack

Think twice before swiping your debit card upon grabbing an $25 faux leather handbag from a department store, or other items from the cheapest Nordstrom rack. Rather, be on the lookout for sales on designer handbags (these can be at mid-range prices or from mid-range designer brands). Purchasing luxury on sale is a good idea to obtain that greatest value for your money by investing in quality pieces that are likely to last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

I hope you learned some new information regarding how to save when buying luxury items that you are ready to apply. Leave a comment below and let me know which tip was your favourite!

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